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We only stock rainbow trout. Both ponds are stocked evenly in both size and quantity. Average fish size is 9"-11" however we do stock fish that are 3+ pounds.

We never like to 'guarantee' catching a fish - however you are highly likely to. The ponds are consistently stocked but it is still true fishing. Our ponds are great for beginners (of any age!) to catch their first fish.

The ponds are stocked every Friday this season. The truck arrives during operating hours so your family is more than welcome to watch! There is not currently a set average time the fish truck arrives.


- Come on overcast/rainy days! Trout fishing is best on cooler days as the fish tend to become lethargic when the water is warmer.

- Use night crawlers (worms). Power bait and lures are fine, however trout react to worms best. Stop at the gas station across the street and pick up some worms, especially on hot summer days. If not, we do have good ole powerbait at the farm to use. 

- We don't recommend bobbers. You are welcome to use them, however weighing your hook towards the bottom gives you a better shot at the big fish. We do not supply bobbers or have them on our rental poles.

Stocking Dates: What's Happening
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